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One-to-One, YIN & Private Events

Are you looking for a more personalised yoga experience? Private one-to-one yoga practice offers individual attention and guidance, allowing for a more intimate view into your practice. Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits, such as increased focus and heightened flexibility. These private classes are designed especially for you, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to build confidence before stepping into a group class or someone with a busy schedule who needs time to unwind and destress, private one-to-one sessions can be a great fit.

In addition to private one-to-one yoga practice, Laura is also available for a private events. Whether it’s a corporate event, special occasion or simply a gathering of friends, a private event can be a unique way to share the benefits of yoga with your loved ones. Laura can travel to you or studio hire options are available for this purpose.

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