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Join Laura for a playful Dynamic Vinyasa Flow class every Tuesday at 6.30pm, from the 17th October, in the studio 15 based at the Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre, 141 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8JA.


Her Vinyasa links breath with movement in a smooth, continuous sequence. You’ll be guided through various flows, such as Dynamic, Mandala, or Rocket, transitioning from one pose to another with each inhale and exhale. This practice will help generate heat within your body and promote stillness in your mind.

Looking to practice with Laura then book your spot either online or in the studio by clicking the button below.




In your private session, we will explore various aspects of yoga, including pranayamas (breathing techniques), asanas (physical postures), and meditation. Each class will be tailored to your personal needs, focusing on sequences that strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility in your body.

Private yoga sessions complement drop-in classes and personal practice by allowing you to work closely with a teacher on key aspects of your yoga practice. By breaking down yoga poses in detail and providing ample time for adjustments and questions, you will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the poses and the subtle elements of yoga. This deeper connection will enhance your overall practice.

Private sessions are ideal if you want to work on specific postures, focus on key aspects of your practice, or if you find it challenging to attend regular classes. They can be conducted at your home, studio, outdoors, or online.


Laura also offers Yin practice that involves long holds in various seated and reclined poses to access deeper layers of fascia and quieting of the mind. Yin helps to target the deepest tissues of the body, such as ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians.



- Corporate events (in studio or online),

- Celebrations such as birthdays or Hen Do’s,

- Private retreats (in UK or abroad).

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