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Laura's Story

Laura is a Yoga teacher and the founder of Pranatula. When she was trying to come up with a name for the website, Laura immediately started thinking about life force, energy, and balance. Since an early age, she has always been full of energy, and Laura used to and still does so many things at once, but she knew that to keep herself safely running without harm or damage, Laura had to have a balance. So she looked up the Sanskrit words for energy or life force, which mean Prana and balance - Tula. And this is how Pranatula was born. 

Laura studied Primary Education & Arts including music, drama, and dance, and have always been very involved in music, working as a professional singer. In 2016, her life collapsed. After losing dad, having two miscarriages, almost having a divorce, and thinking of taking her own life, Laura started to look for internal peace. Fitness has not been a huge part of her life, so in 2018 Laura joined a local yoga studio instead, where she began a regular practise, and since then, her life has changed dramatically. Since embarking on a yoga journey, Laura has started to feel stronger both physically and mentally—more connected, happier, full of energy, and balanced.

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In the past 3 years, she has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training and qualified in 116 hours of Rocket Vinyasa, 40 hours of Mandala Vinyasa, and 25 hours of Yin. Laura passionate about sharing this magical journey with others, which led her to establish Pranatula retreats.

Since then, she has started teaching classes in London and organizing Yoga Retreats in the UK and Europe. Laura based in London, UK, where she offer yoga classes and yoga retreat services. She fully takes care of the journey from the beginning until the end and help many busy yoga teachers run it successfully.

Teaching yoga is a huge part of her life, and she loves sharing it with others. Laura knows the profound impact it has had on her, and she feels honored to share this path with others.


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