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A founder of the Pranatula and a Zumba & Yoga teacher.

After graduation in Primary education and Arts including music, drama, dance, Laura has been working in medical industry since 2009, at the same time she was very involved in music as a professional singer and different type of sports included Yoga & Zumba but always felt that something is still missing.

Her life has changed since pandemic in 2018 when she has joined a local yoga studio and began practising a lot. Laura has started to feel stronger physically, mentally and felt more connected, happier, full of energy, balanced and thought that it would be truly nice to share this magical journey with others. In 2020, Laura, has completed 200hr Yoga teacher training and on the same year she has been qualified in teaching Zumba too. She has also qualified in Mandala and Rocket Vinyasas early in 2022.

Since then Laura has started teaching classes in London & running a Yoga Retreats in UK and Europe.


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