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A founder of the Pranatula and a Zumba & Yoga teacher.

Laura studied Primary Education & Arts including music, drama, dance and has always been very involved in music, working as a professional singer. Fitness is a huge part of her life and she is a qualified Zumba teacher. In 2018, she joined a local yoga studio where she began a regular practice and since then her life has changed dramatically. Within 3 years, she, has completed 200hr Yoga teacher training as well as qualifying in Rocket & Mandala Vinyasa.

Since embarking on her yoga journey, she has started to feel stronger both physically and mentally - more connected, happier, full of energy and balanced. She is passionate about sharing this magical journey with others and so Pranatula retreats were born.

Since then Laura has started teaching classes in London & running a Yoga Retreats in UK and Europe.

Donata & Dovile

Two sisters and the business partners of the Yoga Retreats in Spain.

More then a decade ago, Donata and Dovile have successfully settled down at the heart of the beautiful Puerto Banus, Spain, Costa del Sol where they both own and run a beautiful "Banus Zen Massage" salon full of the unique massage selection and other beauty treatments such as facials, manicure, pedicure, chocolate or thalasso seaweed therapy, body scrubs and etc.

Both sisters have been in several yoga retreats in Asia and Europe where they have gained memorial spiritual experience full of meditation, sound bath, practising Hatha, Bikram & Yin Yoga and since then they have been very engaged in yoga world.

Welcome to Pranatula! We are very excited that you have finally found us. 

My name is Laura. I am a Yoga & Zumba teacher and the founder of the Pranatula. When I was trying to come up with a name for the website, I immediately started thinking about the Life force, Energy and Balance. Since the early age I always have been full of energy and I used to and I still do so many things at once but I know that to keep me safely running without harm and damage I have to have a balance. So I looked up the Sanskrit words for energy or life force which means Prana and balance - Tula. And this is how the Pranatula has born. 

Pranatula is based in London, UK where I offer Yoga & Zumba classes. And also, together with my business partners, Donata & Dovile, we run Yoga Retreats in sunny Spain, Costa del Sol.

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